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Dress Code

The following types of clothing are prohibited in the clubhouse, on the patio and on course grounds: <ul> <li>Cargo Shorts/Pants</li> <li>Tee Shirts</li> <li>Tank Tops</li> <li>Bare Midriffs</li> <li>Halter Tops</li> <li>Jogging Suits</li> <li>Sweatpants</li> <li>Board/Skate Shorts</li> <li>Denim in Disrepair</li> </ul>

Clubhouse & Patio Dress Code

<ul> <li>Caps must be worn bill forward; however, men’s headwear is not permitted in the dining room.</li> <li>Shirts must be tucked in, except camp shirts with a straight hem.</li> <li>Shorts, skirts and dressed more than 4 inched above the knee are not permitted. <li>Ladies tops without collar must have sleeves, tops without sleeves must have a collar.</li> <li>When tasteful; bare shoulders or tops and dresses with thin shoulder straps, are permitted.</li> <li>Denim will be allowed in the clubhouse and on the patio provided it is tasteful and in good repair.</li></ul>

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes with or without spikes are not permitted in the dining room or in all areas with hard surfaces.</br></br> <h3>Clubhouse & Patio Evenings after 5:00 pm</h3> Tasteful cocktail attire is recommended. Attire and grooming shall not be such so as to offend members or guests.